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NASA's Traveler

Roles: Producing, writing, brand management, art direction, motion design

When NASA approached me with the vague charge to create a "safety video" to keep would-be tourists safe from black holes, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. However, after creating a video exploring the tension between a little blue alien tourist and a narrator that only wanted to keep it safe, little did I realize that my creation would become the most-engaged-with video on NASA Goddard's YouTube channel. 

Two years and over a million and a half views later, we had a real hit! The little blue alien, which we eventually named "The Traveler" (because NASA has not confirmed the existence of any actual aliens), has since appeared in two viral videos and a five-episode web series about different kinds of black holes. They've also appeared in NASA Instagram stories, the official NASA GIPHY account, and a live NASA broadcast where the Traveler shared their vacation photos with the public.

We can't wait to see where they go next!

Producing/Writing/Brand Management/Motion Design

Branding/Art Direction 

Even though the primary products were the videos, I made sure that the brand stayed strong and that there were a bunch of other things that folks could download, print, or otherwise share with their family and friends. So, I created tons of funny postcards and desktop/phone wallpapers, and we were even asked by the Goddard employee gift shop to create a t-shirt design to sell.

One last thing:

I got to make an entire series about observing different kinds of black holes!

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